Happy Festivus 2014 edition

(by genomicrepairman) Dec 23 2014

Break out the Festivus Pole its time for the annual Airing of Grievances and Feats of Strength.

"Festivus for the rest of us!"

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The Hunt for Red October....er...postdocs--is over!

(by genomicrepairman) Dec 23 2014

I found a great lab with good folks, great ideas, and stable funding.  I'll be starting there soon and sent out my unfortunate Dear John letter's to the labs that I didn't choose.  I felt bad about all but one of them, the outlier was a major douche and a bit of nasty bastard to even his own people. Science is hard enough, I don't want to have to worry about someone's mood swings.

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Thesis Writing Tips...I need them

(by genomicrepairman) Nov 17 2014

I'm in the throws of writing my Ph.D. thesis right now and could use any tips.  I mean anything, crazy ass endnote tricks, how to deal with the boredom, etc.


I already got pissed off at my laptop for being slow and maxed the hell out of the RAM, so now its running like a methhead from the cops.

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The Hunt for Red October...err postdocs (Pro-Tip Edition)

(by genomicrepairman) Oct 27 2014

Just some thoughts as I'm rolling through interviews:

1.  Don't wear jeans and wrinkled t-shirt on the day of your interview. (Not me, someone else interviewing in the lab next door).

2.  If you are presenting from your laptop, please bring VGA and DVI adaptors (Like I do).  Invariably they don't have the one you need.

3.  If you are presenting from your laptop, clean up your laptop (Don't leave talks from prior interviews on the desktop or anything compromising for that matter).

4.  If someone asks you where you are interviewing, just be frank and tell them.  If you don't you just come off as a slippery eel.

5.  Clear some space on your credit cards if you are doing multiple interviews back to back.  Some places make you buy your own plane tickets, hotel rooms, transportation, etc and then reimburse you (this is dependent upon the institution and its purchasing regulations).  This begins to add up really fast.

6.  I always ask everyone in the lab what's one thing they wish they could change about the lab.  This question usually is a kind way of asking them what they think is something negative about the lab and leads them to answer candidly.  I also pose the same question to the PI but I rather ask it as what are your current and future challenges you face with the lab.  This usually elicits a pretty good response and you get an insight into what PI is battling with in the lab and finds important.

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The Hunt for Red October...err postdocs

(by genomicrepairman) Sep 19 2014

So far my postdoc search has been quite pleasant to say the least.  Everyone I have contacted has gotten back to me and even if they didn't have a spot in their lab, they are recommending good folks who do or are telling me their future timelines when they could pick someone up.  I've even got a few interviews lined up.

Time to pull out the ole suit and shine up the shoes and take my act on the road...

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(by genomicrepairman) Aug 16 2014

Andy Deans (@GenomeStability), a researcher at St. Vincent's University that studies the DNA repair genes related to Fanconi anemia and just a really nice guy, posted this week on twitter about a crazy MTA that he received from someone when trying to obtain a plasmid from them.  This MTA is so nuts I just had to post it.


I can kind of see co-authorship if its a relatively new reagent or something hotly in demand.  But having editorial control of the manuscript when you just provided a reagent is bullshit.  It would be like asking my neighbor to borrow his tire iron to change my tires and he can then tell me which kinds of tire I have to buy.  Its a bit delusional really, but I hope Andy got it all resolved.

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Slow, Slower, Slowest

(by genomicrepairman) Aug 03 2014

Slow-My minute per mile pace

Slower-My metabolism

Slowest-Yankees/Red Sox Game


Its still the fourth inning!

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Conservatives, gym douchebags, and bullying...

(by genomicrepairman) Jun 04 2014

I think everyone has a fair idea of which area of the political spectrum I park my ass at, and I'm fairly apathetic to political ploys and bickering to a point.  I have to say I'm quite disappointed with Conservatives that are lambasting the photos and videos of the president working out.  Sean Hannity of Fox News commented on how small his weights were and how bad he was straining.  Even remarking that the president in no way could keep up with his own martial arts workouts.

How about instead of goofing on the guy for how little the weights are and cracking jokes, why not applaud a guy for getting exercise?  We are in a fucking obesity epidemic in the US, picking on the guy for working out goes beyond the pale of politics and is nothing more than a case study in bullying.  In my mind it is honestly tantamount to bodybuilders shitting on a new guy in the gym who is just trying to get into shape.  Encourage people to exercise, be healthy, and better themselves.  At some point in time we all sucked at something but then we (hopefully) got better and encouragement can help a lot.

Fucking assholes.

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Publishing update

(by genomicrepairman) Jun 04 2014

I'm currently shopping my manuscript at journal #4...  You know what they don't say, 4th time is the charm.

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Taking the sting out of rejection

(by genomicrepairman) May 11 2014

First off, I don't want to hear any OA bullshit.  I know everyone has a bone for OA journals right now but the best thing for my career and my boss currently is to publish in glam  journals.  In a utopian society I'd tell CNS to go drink paint thinner and jump off a high tree limb with a bicycle chain around their necks connected to the tree while I publish in a OA journal.  Unfortunately this isn't utopia and the scientific community whether they like it or not still values glamour publications.

Too bad I got rejected by one.  I didn't get the automatic desk reject like showing up to the ballpark and finding the clubhouse doors locked.  More like I got thrown out of the game right as I planted my feet in the batter's box.  That said, we were aiming a bit high probably, but you never hit a home run unless you swing for the fences.

So now I'm relegated to the minor leagues but that's okay with me, maybe I can get a AAA publication.  But in the meantime I'm sitting on the couch, drinking some beers and watching baseball.  I've already spun the manuscript around and its submitted again, so let me have my rest dammit.

PS, if you don't get baseball analogies this whole post has been a complete loss for you.  Sorry I don't know cricket analogies.

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