It has begun.

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Guess who’s back?  Thanks to everyone who has followed me from Blogger to LabSpaces back to Blogger, and now to here.  And by everyone I mean all four of you.  Apparently we lost aunt Karen because she didn’t feel like making the move again.   Oh well, she gave shitty Christmas gifts anyways.

I’m pretty jazzed that the folks at Scientopia were gracious enough to invite me to blog with them.  In the intervening time since my LabSpaces experiment I was content to be an indie blogger and not pursuing anything else.  I was not actively pursuing joining another collective but when I got this invite I knew that if I ever wanted to get back into collective this was moment and this was the place.  And I have to admit, dusting off the old Blogger account and writing about whatever I wanted to was pretty cathartic.   And I still will, there.

But as far as over here, it will pretty much be all about science and the trials and tribulations I face as a scumbag graduate student in a biomedical research lab.  There will be profanity, snarkiness, making fun of a particular vendor that I hate, and other rants and tirades.  If you don’t like it, go read the Women’s Christian Temperance Online Blog or some shit.

So for all who have read me before (n=7), welcome back.  And to all the new folks who haven’t, where the hell y’all been?

Oh yeah and I’m immensely grateful to all the Scientopians, especially Mark and Dr. Becca, who helped me get this blog setup as I found out that I am absolutely retarded when it comes to doing anything WordPress related.

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