Who you should be reading: Grad Student Version

Feb 09 2011 Published by under Blogging, LinkLove

So from time to time I like to find new blogs to read and post links to them. This time around I'm doing med/grad students, so here are 4 bloggers and 1 science communicator (WTF?) for you all to take a look at.

Its Okay To Be Smart
Joe is a science communicator, not a blogger? Whatever, the guy has got something to say and its usually pretty good. Check him out if you want to read more about pop science culture, as well as science and society. He also has a Tumblr site but I don't understand how the fuck that system works so I refuse to link to it.

Ret Mutant is a developmental biologist who is just cutting their teeth in grad school (working their way through the rotation system). Really high quality research blogging posts here people.

Disease Prone
Have you been jonesing for another microbiology blog, well here's another Joe. This Aussie microbiology grad student muses on all things bug-related.

I Can't Ask My Doctor That
Ever had some really freaky naughty questions that you were to embarrassed to ask your doctor? Great, then asked this med student and trained sex educator. This blogger covers everything from A (Anal) to V (Virginity).

Samia is a biology grad student who is hilarious and is currently working her way through rotations. Stop by and say hello.

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