The Laboratory Decathlon

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Okay folks, you have ten events showcase your scientific skills and solidify yourself as #1 Lab Ninja with mad skills.

Event #1: Sequencing Gels
I don't want to see air bubbles or leaky gels, when you come to the sequencing gel event you better come strong. And as a test of interpretation we'll go old school Sanger sequencing of a known template.

Event #2: Weaning Mice & Genotyping
Accuracy is a must, that better not a dude in the ladies cage and are you really sure its a heterozygote. Points will be deducted for overaggressive tail snips

Event #3: Nuclear Extracts
Contestants will be given the same number of cells and asked to generate nuclear extracts. Don't even think about picking up that kit, I want to see you prepping buffers and sweating over a dounce homogenizer. Scoring will be based upon concentration and total protein yield. Also I'll be checking your extracts for quality, there will be no degradation in my house Holmes!

Event #4: Metaphase Spreads & Chromosomal Analysis
That's right, this shit just got intense. If Painter could do it, so can you. I want to see good mitotic indices, and better know if those cells are 2N, 3N, or 4N. Is that a radial? You better know.

Event #5: The Dreaded PCR Event
You will be given template DNA and a set of primers. Optimization of the reaction is up to you. Style points will be given.

Event #6: Hot hands
A tube of 32P labelled probe falls to the floor, whatcha gonna do? Spill containment will be judged by EH&S employees. Harshly. Good luck.

Event #7: The Tip Shoot.
Bring your favorite pipetor whatever it may be, we are shooting off 1000 μL tips. The event will be broken down into two objectives: Distance and an Accuracy shoot (gotta make it in the tip bucket). John Daly's and sharpshooters are welcome.

Event #8: Tip Box Pack and Stack
Since you used up all of my tips in the last event, time to repack the tip boxes and get them stacked up for autoclaving. Fast hands are a must.

Event #9: The Amazing PI Race
This sprint is used to simulate the dash of the trainee to the PI's office when they have hot data. Make sure the stretch properly, no whining over a strained hammy.

Event #10: Get This Piece Of Shit To Work
Nuff said.

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