Guest Posting and Guest Blogging

Feb 14 2011 Published by under Blogging, LinkLove

Okay folks, first up I am guest posting over at Scientific American today, stop by and check out "What Guido Fanconi taught us about chemotherapy."

Next up, Scientopia has set up a Guest Blogge to showcase some non-network bloggers.  The first couple of posts have been great so make sure to stop by and read them.  The schedule is posted below and I wanted to especially thrust some accolades at Mark, Comrade Physioprof, and Dr. Isis for bringing this to fruition.  Thanks guys, you hard work is appreciated.

February 13-26
Zygoma and Frautech

February 27-March 12
Thony C from The Renaissance Mathematicus and bloggers from Disability Studies, Temple U.

March 13-26
Rue from Outdoor Afro

March 27-April 9
KJ Haxton from Endless Possibilities v3.0 and Patrice Brassard and Émilie Pérusse-Lachance from Le Physiologiste

May 8-21
Scientist Mother

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