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Who fucking cares?

So last week I put out a post about some great student bloggers that I though folks might like to read if they haven't already picked up on them.  One of the bloggers I featured was Joe from Its Okay To Be Smart.  Now Joe seems like a lovely chap but he makes the disclaimer that he is a science communicator not a blogger.  Well he recently clarified his standpoint on this and I guess he doesn't want to be painted into a corner by just communicating through a blog.

"I have run across  a lot of very talented Heroes of Science (my name for them, anyway) out there on the internet, and many of them are just amazing. Of course, the medium of choice for disseminating science “a la interwebz” is the blog. Hence so many people calling themselves “science bloggers”. I don’t like that.

To me, the word “blog” really implies the diary formats of Geocities or LiveJournal, actual “Web Logs”. What are you really setting out to accomplish? Just log some intelligent thoughts in reverse chronological order? For most of you, I am willing to bet that you want to communicate science, and writing it on the internet just happens to be your weapon of choice.

Look at it this way: A carpenter is much more than a “hammer swinger”, and a chef is certainly beyond “onion chopper and pan flipper”. If you are a science communicator on the internet, a blog is just a tool. The real mission of a chef is a meal, and your real mission is more than a blog post. I hope."

This is just semantics and dude, here is the cold splash of water.  No one gives a fuck what you call yourself.  People who read you don't give a damn what you call yourself, they read you because they find you interesting.  If you want to wear thigh high boots and call yourself Doctor PussyMagnet like BrooksPhD, do whatever suits your fancy.

So my official response to science communicator versus science blogger debate is:


Thank you and good day.

Oh and you are not going to change my opinion that Tumblr is the biggest piece of shit platform to ever be designed since fucking Xanga.

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