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"It can't be that hard being a PI"

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I overheard this the other day at work and damn near blacked out due to lack of oxygen from laughing so hard.  Dude you have no fucking clue.

PI's are the scientific equivalent of the small business owner who have to serve as a master to their apprentices, act as salesmen for their ideas, watch out for the bottom line (the almighty NIH dolla billz yo), and live with the fear/guilt of the possibility of or having to sack an employee due to lack of adequate funds.

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Do you really count a review article as a publication?

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So for a while (around a year) I have been writing a dinky little review article for my boss*.  This has been put onto my priority list and taken off several times by my PI, as I'm already up to my ears in experiments and don't have much time for this thing.  The last time I put it down I was halfway through a first draft.  Since today was a slow day in the lab, I decided to rededicate myself to this damn thing.  I honestly just need to get this invited review done so that I can stop feeling like the ancient mariner with an albatross slung around his neck.  My goal is to get a first draft finished in the next week or so and throw the damn thing down on my boss's desk and tell him the ball is in his court.

My question is how do you folks view review articles?  Is it a waste of time, that would rather be better spent in the lab generating work for a "real" publication?  Do you find them worthwhile or are we saturated with too many review articles as it is**?

*This dinky review article will count towards my publication requirements for graduation as well as serve as the introductory chapter in my thesis, so its worth it to get it done and out of the way.
**I find review articles nice for certain fields but with respect to non-coding RNAs there are almost as many review articles as research articles. And damn if there isn't a review article out on a specific pathway in my field every year from the same damn lab. Its enough to drive you batty.

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