Good Times, Bad Times, you know I've had my share...

Apr 11 2011 Published by under Lab

So these past two weeks have been a bit hectic at work and has felt like a roller coaster ride.

Bad Shit
-Plated too many cells for an experiment and totally shot two full days worth of work.
-Our stewards in purchasing lost their fucking minds and forgot to get around to my orders for a whole week. Throwing off my timeline for some of my experiments.
-IBC bullshit, nuff said.
-Re-freakin-diculous cloning strategies to get this sequences out of certain vectors and recombine them in this vector with these tags. My notes and flow charts are littered with landmines of profanity and phrases of self-loathing.

Good Shit
-Genomic RepairWife and I made gyros this weekend, delish.
-Churned out a bunch of data in the past week in a half. What does it mean? Still working that out, but mo data is always good.
-All caught up with my experimental notes.
-My softball team Quien es mas macho is now 1-1 after rebounding from a loss the first week. We almost coughed up this game too after having a 19-2 lead. We ended up coming out of the last inning with a 19-11 win.  The team name was chosen because none of us can speak Spanish and most of the guys are IT nerds and a few of them have never even picked up a bat before.
-Went jogging out on the trail

Overall its been a good two weeks. Now its time to ride the wave of momentum.

Post title comes from the popular Led Zeppelin song, "Good Times Bad Times," which is the first track of their first album...

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  • Dr 29 says:

    The bad ones could be worse .... and OMG y'all made gyros .... I'm not liking you two right now. And the team name is awesome, and yes, I could tell none of y'all speak espanol, since it would be quien, no que ... but it's funny. Based solely on your description it sounds as if some of your teammates, I mean, softball minions, are part of the cast of Big Bang Theory.

    Hope all works well man.

  • I humbly request that you post the gyros recipe.

  • UnlikelyGrad says:

    I totally sympathize with ordering issues. In my case it was Fisher NOT telling me a certain item was on back order (back, back, back order--months!)--I didn't find out until the parts didn't show up within the specified time frame. Then I had to find a different manufacturer of the same thing, re-order, wait a week... *sigh*

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