Writing music or the lack thereof?

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Recently I've been doing a lot of writing and when it comes down to getting to business I can only write with no noise or music with no lyrics. I either rock the headphones in silence so I get left alone or lately I've had the London soundtrack by The Crystal Method. If I don't have to be in the zone then maybe a little Girl Talk.

So what is your preference?

What do you write to?


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  • Steve Bennett says:

    Most important thing: familiarity. As long as you've heard it 20 times before it doesn't distract too much.

    • Genomic Repairman says:

      I agree Steve, that's maybe why I've been playing some Dave Holland Sextet and actually getting some writing done, since I've heard it hundreds of times.

  • Wake me up before you go go ...

  • chezjake says:

    Classic jazz - especially Brubeck.

  • Brian Eno if I have to write "creatively".

    For labwork - something fast. Power metal, 80s hair metal or psy-trance are good.

    If you like Crystal Method, check out Astrix and Infected Mushroom.

  • Sean says:

    Zero 7 then let pandora take over

  • postdoc mom says:

    I like listening to french hip-hop when I write. I don't know french so the words don't distract me, but the rhythm and beat keep me plugging away. I just searched for french hip-hop then made a Pandora station. I also like "The Mix Up" album by the Beastie Boys and the band "The Fucking Champs" great music, no words

  • chall says:

    Bach organ concerts 🙂 I can do other classcial music too... ^^

    No words since then I get distracted but I've realised I need some sounds to block out "other sounds" that you have in an office or at home. It's funny, but I've never realised exactly how non quiet it is until I sit down to concentrate and write. It keeps me focused if I can go with a rythm from the music...

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