Road Tripping: Montreal

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Alright you icefooted savages of the great white north, I'll be headed your way up to Montreal for a society meeting in mid-October. So if you want to get together or tell me places and things to do or see, let me know.

By the way, is it shorts and flip flops weather in Montreal in October? If its snowing, I've really got to rethink this trip.

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  • I'm currently in Montreal for a conference, and today's high is only upper 70s. I bet fall is going to be gorgeous here though; lots of trees and very green.

  • Natalie says:

    I'd bet on hoodie-and-pants weather. It won't snow but it could be blustery (is that a word anywhere but Canada?) and once the sun goes down you'll probably be thankful for a coat. My recommendation is take a bixi (rented bicycle) to the Dieu du ciel microbrewery about 7 or 8 blocks away from the water/Palais. Last time I went to a meeting there I rented an apartment right across from the congress centre, it was brilliant (and super cheap!)

  • chall says:

    My guess would be no snow but fairly chilly.... at least at night 🙂 a coat/jacket to withstand some wind might be a good plan....

    Maybe some hockey? I mean, I'm certainly no Canadians' fan but they do play fairly well 😉

  • Respi Sci says:

    Mid-Oct in Montreal? Definitely not flip flops and shorts weather. Pants, shoes and a jacket. No need for hat and scarf or mittens.

    Fair warning about the snow--for Hallowe'en, parents always have to plan costumes for the kiddies that can accomodate a snow suit just in case. (not unheard of to have the first snow storm Oct 31st).

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