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Sometimes you write to incite, sometimes you write to inspire, and sometimes write to release. But once in a while, its not a bad thing to write to give thanks. I think one of the fun things about writing and having people actually come here and maybe read what I have to say is when I get a question or a comment. The human aspect of helping people is really the most fun part of doing this. So to all the people have emailed me, thanks for actually giving a damn about what I have to say and to all those who have read anything I've written (all 7 of you), I'm grateful for your patronage.

Now moving on...

A reader recently asked me about meetings to attend in our field and I suggested one that I have been to before and will be attending in the future. Well low and behold they applied and got a travel to defray the cost of their attendance. So dear reader who shall remain nameless, way to kick some ass. I'm proud for you and can't wait to meet you at the meeting.

Oh and you do owe me a beer for recommending the meeting to you. And don't think you are getting off cheap with a Bud Lite. Big Daddy Kane has a taste premium draughts.

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