Thanks iTunes Shuffle...

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Usually my iTunes shuffle puts together a Dimaggio-like streak of crappy tunes, but not this morning during cell culture.  The stars must have aligned, Eric Cantor woke up on the right side of the bed, and someone sacrificed a chicken in their backyard to give me this solid 10 hit string of music while splitting cells.

Who are you?  -- The Who

Start me up -- Rolling Stones

Sympathy for the devil --  Rolling Stones (not really shuffling but I love this tune)

Rapper's Delight -- Sugar Hill Gang

Don't Cry -- Guns N' Roses

A boy named Sue -- Johnny Cash

Grinnin' in your face -- Son House

Part time lover -- Stevie Wonder

All along the watchtower -- Jimi Hendrix

Tightrope -- Stevie Ray Vaughn

You were solid today iTunes, now I have high expectations for you... so stop playing shit like...

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  • If you don't want to play it, why do you have it?

    • Don't share an iTunes library with your significant other as they may not have the same musical tastes as you. Also don't by the song for the video above to play as a terrible joke.

      Besides sometimes its not a case of not wanting to hear it but to hear something else more. Sometimes the shuffle becomes formulaic and you can almost predict what is coming next. Its not really so random after all.

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