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This was a letter to the editor in my local paper.  The writer of the letter was responding to an editorial article that talked about New York legalizing gay marriage and that this was just a matter of time for the rest of the country to come on board.

""Same-sex marriage" is an oxymoron. I look forward to the REDACTED providing equal coverage of an opinion regarding the importance of preserving marriage between a man and a woman and the fact that science cannot provide irrefutable evidence of a gay gene or gay DNA. If people of the same sex choose to commit to a civil union, that is their business, but it does not justify government involvement of an institution that it did not create and should not redefine.
Hopefully, our society will continue to embrace and preserve the traditional marriage between a man and a woman as the cornerstone of our society intended for procreation and the education of offspring.

This initially just made me mad but then I shift back to sadness because they are proponents of individual freedom, yet don't want to let a subset of people be who they want to be.

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  • Janet D. Stemwedel says:

    Also, the writer seems deeply confused. Isn't the whole point of a "civil union" that the government is involved? And, if the government didn't create the institution of marriage (and thus shouldn't meddle in it), wouldn't that mean that the government shouldn't be recognizing ANY marriages (same sex or opposite sex)?

    Not to mention, has she seen state budgets lately? You can't convince me that our society is serious about educating anyone's offspring (let alone the magically invisible offspring of LGBT people).

    As for the apparent need to find a biological basis for teh ghey before acknowledging a responsibility to treat folks with respect, I think it's dumb (and it's likely that the moment clear biological bases were nailed down would be the moment that people set about looking for a "cure").

    In short: I'm still mad.

  • gerty-z says:

    I am also pissed, but can't top that excellent response. so: what she said!!

  • Yet again "Freedom" means "Freedom to do what I want, not what you want"...

  • Zuska says:

    OMG! Mr. Z and I totally forgot to procreate. Does that mean our marriage between one man and one woman is no good, or not sacred, or semi-gay, or what? Have we tricked the government with our lack of childbearing but still being married status????

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