Oh crap, I think I'm collaborating...

Jul 26 2011 Published by under Lab

Damnit I've really gone and done it this time.  This all started when the bossman came to me with a neighboring PI and said unto me:

"Genomic love thy neighbor scientifically."

And I said unto him, "Yes, Lord."

So now I'm stuck providing technical expertise to a project that I have no experience in but am well versed in the methods to be used.  Originally I thought I would just be helping with experimental design, giving them my protocols, troubleshooting, and analyzing data.  My hope was that I give them the tools to do what they need in their lab and we just see how it all shakes out.

Well that was the plan.  The PI and trainee both want to learn to do the work and the PI has asked to do it in my lab, AT MY BENCH, and under my supervision.  Shit.  Not really what I'm looking for right now as I'm already up to the gills in work as it is.  But if they don't mind a little bit of hurry up and wait to accommodate my workload then we should be able to knock this out.

So just lean on me yo, I got this!


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