If only that freezer could talk...

Aug 19 2011 Published by under Lab

I love my one on one meetings with my boss not just for the scientific discussions but for our archaeological discoveries and the story time that results from them.  Often I'm in need of some protein or vector backbone from the frozen archives of my boss's work.  He maintains these with an impeccable database and so we often spend a lot of time after these meetings digging for stuff in a freezer.  Somehow in stark contrast with my boss's organization is his ability to be distracted.

I'm looking for Box A but we come across Box XYZ^4 and he wants to look in there as he is wont to do.   Boss man starts going through and telling me who did what with this project, what this plasmid was used for, and how much of a bitch it was to clone the gene into it.  Usually about 30 minutes into my scientific history lesson we divert back to the reason we are elbows deep in the freezer, to find stuff for me.  But I really love it because you can see my boss's face really light up and he looks so happy to talk shop with you over a -80.

So do any of you folks ever dig back into your freezers or archives and wax nostalgic?

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  • geeka says:

    My boss had everything in the -80. His favorite thing was to pull out things and ask you how old you were in that year.

    He's starting to stop doing this because his current tech wasn't born during the time frame he has his first faculty position.

  • Dr 27 says:

    For grad school I didn't need a -80, although he had one and I may have stored some samples, but they weren't any good, and they were just protein. For my postdoc I left a somewhat impeccable box of material, which I'm not sure it will be opened for many years to come.

    What I used to do when I was feeling nostalgic was to open my old lab books and see how I used to take notes, write and what kept my time busy during those first few months and years.

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