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I know everyone is writing where they were and what they were doing when the events of September 11, 2001 unfolded.  I am not because my memories and what I was doing was of little significance or consequence.  But what about you guys, what is your story?  Where were you when you heard the first plane hit, what were you doing?  How did you process what happened or dealt with?  What did you feel or see in the community around you?

What's your story?

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  • HFM says:

    First day of driver's ed, sophomore year of high school. With a crazy teacher who had 40+ dancing hamsters on her desk and at least as many "relatives" who had supposedly died gruesome deaths as a result of minor traffic infractions, but never mind that. So I was out in a trailer a couple of miles from the Pentagon, listening to tales of mass carnage caused by careless blinker use.

    We heard a thump, but everyone ignored it. Then about twenty minutes later, the principal came on the PA, and shakily announced "We have a situation". Then silence.

    Everyone assumed it was a school shooting. That's what the kids were worried about then. Somebody got up and locked the door. I remember staring at the sharp mechanical pencil in my hand, wondering if I could take somebody down with it. It's that emo-kid junior, isn't it...I could take him if he doesn't see me coming...damn it there's not a lot of cover out here. Then the principal came back on and told us to turn on the TV. Which we did.

    There was a collective "oh fuck". Besides the actual event - people had parents working in the Pentagon - we all knew we were watching history, and probably not in a good way. Then the day was over, and we went home, but pretty much the entire school went on AIM and stayed there for the rest of the night.

    My dad was about to land at Newark, and had a birds-eye view of the first plane hitting a tower.

  • Damn, that is crazy! Thank you for sharing your story.

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