SciBloggers Fantasy Football: Week 1

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Back in the saddle for another year and lets review the winners, the losers, and the rest of us in between.

1.  Jade Bio's Defending Champion.  Congrats, you take the top spot this week.

Congrats to Jade on yet another damn win. Way to start off the season.

2.  PLS's Substanstowski's Seven (Always a top contender)

3.  Namnezia's Nam's Hams (This years dark horse candidate)

4.  SugarScientist's Tumorators (She's baking an up an ass-whupping)

5.  Hermie (Strong showing for the rookie)

6.  Biochem Belle's K(eq) (Now that's a damn nerdie fantasy football team name)

7.  Dr. O's Boys (Starting to walk the tightrope of fantasy football mediocrity)

8.  Tideliar's Tidy's Liars

9.  GR's Burrested Development (Why the hell did I think Cam Newton could pull it off?)

10.  Alyssa's Not Yo Mamma's Picks (Lady you aren't shooting for the stars, rather just the toilet)

11.  Odyssey's Sure Losers (Did you let one of the kids pick for you this week?)

12.  GertyZ's The Gert (got fucking hurt in your picks this week)

13.  Chall's Hopes (got crushed)

14.  Arlenna's Lollena forgot to make picks.

So since Arlenna didn't pick, that means Chall is this week's loser.  But since its week one we'll go easy on you.  You've got to be resilient like the honey badger.

Chin up Chall!




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  • Alyssa says:

    It boggles my mind when I can't even get 50%. Congrats Jade!

  • odyssey says:

    I always let my kids pick. That's my system. Just remember that those weeks I do better than you... 🙂

  • chall says:

    hmm.... maybe I should learn quickly and not go for "educated guesses" since I don't seem to have those down. Next time it's me and my dice 😉 random 'should' be better.... since 4/16 isn't even on the scale for "random"...pahh...

    (GR, thanks for the nice evil. I'll work on the resilience, I'm a honey ^^)

  • gerty-z says:

    I choose winners based on how things should work in a perfect universe. The fact that I am sucking just shows how far from perfect the world is.

    Fucking Broncos playing like a bunch of idiot fuckwits, losing to the fucking Raiders. fuck

  • Jade says:

    As GR told me last year when I started off in last place and won that amazing last place trophy of Inez Sainz getting spanked (or was she doing the spanking?), it's a marathon, not a sprint.


    Now if I can only shake that PLS off my coattails!

  • Arlenna says:

    Yes!! I didn't lost because I'm incompetent!!!

    (I don't actually understand how to make picks, lawls)

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