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So recently I got a question from a high school biology school in a real rural background about where can he find resources to help teach basic biology to his kids.  Steve and I got to talking and he wants to start introducing kids to molecular biology and slowly bring them onto evolution so as not to hit a brick wall of ignorance from the parents.  So Steve's main question was where can he find resources (online modules, class demonstrations, etc.) on basic molecular biology to teach his students.  And the poor guy has a shoe string budget to do it on so anything free is the best.

Here is what I came up with:

Dolan DNA Learning Center at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory

UConn's Molecular Biology Resources

Human Genome Project Educational Resources

The Molecular Section of Dr. P's AP Biology Section (not the best layout but there is some good stuff there)

NCBI's Biotechnology Science Primer

NCBI also has a copy of Lodish's Molecular Biology of the Cell but you have to search topics, no browsing.

Public Broadcasting System's DNA Resources section.  I recommend checking out DNA:  the Secret of Life.

Teachers' Domain:  The Molecular Evidence for Evolution

These are but just a few resources.  If you have more let me know so we can compile some type of list that we can put up.  Also if you are an educator and  you need a molecular biology textbook, I've got more than a few old ones still kicking around and I can pass them onto you.  My desire is to best equip those that will be front lines of getting kids into science and educating what could be the next generation of clinicians and scientists.




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