Hot man buns vs religious wackaloons

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So apparently the Westboro Baptist Church crazies set their sights on the Foo Fighters because apparently anyone in the entertainment industry can become the beacon for moral depravity and the damned.  Well the Foo Fighters took it in stride and decide to give these nutter butters a little show that were protesting outside their concert.  So what do Dave Grohl and the boys do?  They hop on a flat bed and truck on out to the crazies and serenade them with their song Hot Buns.

I can only imagine the horrified look on the faces of the wackaloons when Dave Grohl belts out,

"Think I'm in the mood for some hot-man muffins."

I heart Foo Fighters.  You guys are my heroes.

Oh yeah and click here to see my man Brandt's funny picture of Fred Phelps.

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