Scibloggers Fantasy Football: Week 2

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Week 2 sees the crowning of a new champion. Coming in the top is Namnezia's Nam's Hams, narrowly edging me out on tie breakers.

There is no fat in Namnezia's picks!

Now for the rest of the lineup

2.  GR's Burrested Development (Thank you Cam Newton for keeping it close enough on Sunday.) [9]

3.  GertyZ's The Gert (brought the hurt this week.  Way to go). [8]

4.  PLS's Substanstowski's Seven (stumbled a little bit this week, but I foresee a bounce back next week.) [7]

5.  Hermie  (holding steady at 5 again this week) [7]

6.  Odyssey's Sure Losers (the kids are picking better and so The Kid Stays In The Picture.) [7]

7.  Chall's Hopes (making a might comeback.) [6]

8.  Dr. O's Boys (got lucky in San Fran even though her QB took a beating.) [6]

9.  Jade Bio's Defending Champion (are well I guess defending the #9 spot.) [5]

10.  SugarScientist's Tumorators's (suffle of superiority just got deflated this week.) [5]

11.  Biochem Belle's K(eq) (got K(rushe)d!) [5]

12.  Tideliar's Tidy's Liars (are sweeping up the 12 spot.) [5]

13.  Alyssa's Not Yo Mamma's Picks (got knocked down a few spots this week.) [5]

Since Arlenna failed to pick (again) this week.  Alyssa claims the prize for coming in DFL.

Alyssa even BorgBush thinks your picks suck, try harder next week.

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