Grumbling on human behavior

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Why is it that some people see other's success as taking away from their own...  Ego... Insecurity...


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  • Elena says:

    ... greed ...

    I hear you. 🙁

  • chall says:

    ...same reason some people think they are better when they push others down... Maybe I'm odd thinking priority would be to be good on your own, not "compared to others" since if they're doing bad things -does that really make me looking good? Since imho "good" isn't equal to "better than really bad" ....

    Sorry. I totally hear what you mean though. It's been similar thoughts over at my place ^^

  • Watcher says:

    I would think that such a reaction is one of multiple expressions of the survival mechanism. The alternative to that one would be to be happy of other successes as the impetus to rejoice own achievements (even if they are less visible or appreciated) and build a stronger rationale for my own success. I think that the second is, by far, more efficient in attaining true survival than the first. But, of course, that's my view.

  • Vicki says:

    We're told success is always a limited commodity, which is false and sometimes toxic. We can't all be president (there's only one president at a time), but someone else's good relationship, learning a new skill, or reaching an exercise goal doesn't mean I'm less likely to have good relationships, learn something myself, or achieve what I want at the gym.

  • Alyssa says:

    Like Vicki said, people think success is a limited quantity. If someone else does well, that means I won't, etc.. I think it also makes people think it downplays their own successes. So, one person publishes a paper, then another one does a few days later, the first person feels like they were upstaged or something because people "only remember" what happened lately.

    I don't know...I'm blabbing...but you get the idea I'm sure!

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