Scibloggers Fantasy Football: Week 5

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Week 5 sees the crowning of a new champion... SugarScientist's Tumorators's.

Congrats, she cooked up an ass whupping this week!

Now for the rest of us.

#2 PLS's Substanstowski's Seven (holding strong at the second spot for another week) [9]

#3 Arlenna's Lollena (the darkhorse candidate is moving up) [8]

#4 Biochem Belle's K(eq) (up 3 spots from last week) [7]

#5 Jade Bio's Defending Champion (always kicking around the top 5) [6]

#6 GertyZ's The Gert (bouncing back four spots from last week) [6]

#7 Me (not showing so strong this week, but once again thanks Cam Newton for keeping it close) [6]

#8 Odyssey's Sure Losers (let the kids pick this week?) [6]

#9 Chall's Hopes (holding onto the #9 spot for another week in a row) [5]

#10  Alyssa's Not Yo Mamma's Picks (are making a come back) [5]

#11 Hermie (in last place, too much partaying and not enough picking...) [3]

Since we had some no picks this week, Hermie earns the FAIL of the week prize.

Don't worry Hermie this dude who looks like the singer of the Crash Test Dummies will cheer you up...

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