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Oct 12 2011 Published by under Meetings

So I'm getting ready to take off for a society meeting and came to the thought of travel and how different research groups view research presentations by trainees.  I understand the need to present your work and get feedback but but some PIs I've met think labs only run if there are bodies in them generating data and that the preponderance of travel and presentation is better left to them.  Other PIs I've met are sending their trainee emissaries off to all corners of the globe to present their data so they don't have to.

What's your research group's view on traveling?

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  • I go to one (sometimes two) major meetings a year. These are really important learning and networking opportunities for trainees but usually rather expensive for PIs like me who are on fairly limited budgets. If the trainees are first author on something and I have the money I'll take them with me. If they're a coauthor, not an author and/or I don't have the money, they have to pay their own way if they want to go. If I had tons of cash, I would take all of them.

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