Dear lady at the RedBox machine...

Oct 24 2011 Published by under Uncategorized

tap out and go to Blockbuster, so I can use the machine.  You have shown your absolute noobness by camping out in front of the damn big red machine for almost 15 minutes.  Listen I know these things are popping up everywhere live damn Curves franchises but its not alien technology.  I'm see you click over Love and Other Drugs three separate times, I'm sorry they don't have it.  Now pick something else.  I'm getting fucking tired of waiting behind you as you pull up the movie description for Something Borrowed four separate times, oh but wait they are out of that too.  Please just click on Bridesmaids and get the fuck out of here.

I'm just trying to rent Limitless so I can butter up my wife to watch another Bradley Cooper, A-Team, at a later date.  This is my secret to somehow getting her to watch shitty movies, I show her a good movie that the actor is in and then, next time around its the shitty movie.  But you know what, if they didn't have Limitless, I'd rent Stepbrothers or Thor again from the RedBox.  I wouldn't be molesting the touch screen for, checking my watch now, 14 minutes.

Just click on Bridesmaids.  For the love of all that is good, click on fucking Bridesmaids.

Oh no, you fucked up and rented When in Rome!

Oh well, at least I can use the machine now.

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  • Dr. O says:

    She really should've checked to see if they movie was in stock before heading to the RedBox. There's this thing called the internet - wonderful technology - where she could have found out Love and Other Drugs was out of stock at that RedBox location. Amazing.

    On a related note, I'm so glad Hubby doesn't like shitty movies like A-Team and Thor.

  • Julian Frost says:

    I loved Bridesmaids. Good recommendation. I saw it at the cinema. During the food poisoning scene, the audience was literally shrieking with laughter.

  • Dr Becca says:

    The quality of the movie is irrelevant if we're talking about Bradley Cooper. FFS, show your wife a picture of him on the damn internet, and you should be able to get her to watch just about anything!

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