Scibloggers Fantasy Football: Week 7

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Holy Shit people, we got us a new champion this week. All hail to the Hermitage.

Hermie is getting it done this week!

2.  Alyssa's Not Yo Mamma's Pick (Nice jump up the standings)

3.  Arlenna's Lollena (Powerful Arlenna, powerful)

4.  SugarScientist's Tumorators (Winning seems to be a malignancy you can't get rid of)

5.  Jade Bio's Defending Champion (You and I are duking it out for the top overall spot)

6.  Chall's Hopes (are no longer fantasy, she is posting a strong showing each week)

7.  PLS's Substanstowski's Seven (I should probably say something nice about you, but I won't)

8.  GertyZ's The Gert (I will say something nice about you, your picks were better than mine)

9.  Dr. O's Boys (I will never say anything nice about Tony Romo)

10.  Me.

11.  Odyssey's Sure Losers (Whichever of you or the kids is making these horrendous picks, please stop)

12.  Biochem Belle's K(eq) (I expect better than this from a meticulous biochemist)

13.  Tideliar's Tidy's Liars (I shouldn't say anything nice about you, but since you have incriminating photos I feel that I must.  I'm jealous of your hair.  Fuck you.)

Tideliar takes the last spot this week.  He earns this week's Fail of The Week.

Next time pay attention and make your picks...


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