Mourning Joe...

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I'm saddened to here about the passing of Smoking Joe Frazier, a heavyweight champion boxer and Olympic gold medal winner.  Sadly Frazier had to live his life in the shadow of Muhammad Ali, and having to deal with Ali's taunts and claims that he was "Uncle Tom."  Despite the less than gentlemanly treatment by Ali, Frazier lobbied Nixon to have him reinstated.  Frazier, Ali, and Foreman ended up forming the classic triumvirate of boxing titans.

And as a side nugget, Frazier grew up in Philadelphia, so those scenes of Sylvester Stalone punching slabs of meat and running up the steps of the Museum of Art were lifted from Frazier, who used to train running those steps and who also worked in a meat packing plant and would occasionally tune up a side beef.

You were a champion Joe, you'll be missed.

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