Scibloggers Fantasy Football: Week 9

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All hail Arlenna who came up huge this week with the win.  And now for the rest of you schlubs. ..

2.  Jade Bio (always a strong contender to win it week in and out).

3.  SugarScientist (cooking up a strong record this season).

4.  Biochem Belle (who has yet to approach Vmax).

5.  GertyZ (whose hopes rest upon the shoulders of the saintly Tebow).

6.  Me.

7.  Alyssa (shoot for the stars not #7).

8.  Chall (putting together a really solid season this year).

9.  Namnezia (I've got a package to send you, lets talk).

10.  Tideliar (stop sending me photos of your package asshole).

11.  PLS

12.  Hermitage

13.  Odyssey

14.  Dr. O.

So sorry Dr. O but you win the no-prize prize this week...

Dr. O and her boys just aren't getting it done.

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