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How often do you have a committee meeting and how often do you think grad students need to have them.  Here in Genomic RepairmanLand, we must have a committee meeting every six months.  I've heard some pipe up and say that is way too often and that it should be every 8-12 months and I've heard from people that have them even less than that.

Dear reader what say you?

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  • Alyssa says:

    We had them every 6 months as well. I figure that frequency is high enough to make sure students are kept on track, but low enough not to be a huge pain in the ass. I will say that they are relatively informal (student gives a short 5-10 minute update, and committee brings up any issues), so it's not a huge commitment for either side (though some students tend to make it into a much bigger deal than it is).

  • Yael says:

    In the earlier years, once a year was good enough. Going towards graduation, when we were trying to target a journal and the data was coming faster (and I could potentially derail myself by being too enthusiastic about too many things), I had them twice or even three times a year. Very very helpful.

  • Namnezia says:

    Once a year seems good. But occasionally a committee (or student) will request to have them more depending on how well or poorly they are progressing. Towards graduation they usually increase in frequency.

  • Katie says:

    Our requirement is "at least once a year" and most people do that. However, when starting out we've found it helpful to meet more often to get guidance and direction and to get suggestions for which lab could help us with new techniques. Then again, my lab's projects might only need that because we're doing techniques no one in our lab has done before.

  • Dr 27 says:

    In my department they used to every 6 months and would last for 1-2hrs. After my defense the rules changed to every 9 months (bummer). My longest one was the one after the qual, in which I was explaining my research projects in detail and getting their approval.

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