Desk Inheritance...What does this mean?

Nov 10 2011 Published by under Grad School

Its always weird taking the desk of someone that is no longer at your institution, especially when they leave stuff behind. Does what they leave behind serve as an additional burden of extra shit you have to toss out when moving your stuff in? Or is it there to serve as meaning, sort of material legacy of those who have resided at that desk and their experiences along the journey. Going along this abstract line of thought, maybe each item is to have some meaning to me.

Dear reader, here is what the last graduate student left at/in/on/around my desk and what meaning it may have for me.

Item: Chai green tea
Meaning: Graduate school is difficult and sometimes stress, make sure to relax and enjoy the process.

Item: Broken ruler
Meaning: I guess you should play by the rules and the ruler could serve as a metaphorical measuring stick for success. But does its broken state mean that the former inhabitant of my desk and or I have lower threshold for success? Mystifying.

Item: Picture of some ugly kid
Meaning: It takes a village to raise a child, but I'm not paying child support.

Item: Blank CD-RWs
Meaning: You should treasure your memories and maybe you should be enriching your life experiences. And also backing up your data.

Item: Half eaten bag of Soft Batch cookies.
Meaning: Despite some people's rough and crinkly plastic demeanor, lies a soft and somewhat stale personality???

Item: A three and a half foot tall stack of journal articles.
Meaning: One can never stop learning, or the lazy jerk was too tired to throw them in the recycling bin.

Item: Booger
Meaning: You gross motherfucker

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  • My desk came with fish hooks. I've still never figured out why.

  • scicurious says:

    My desk came with empty (??) bottles of highly toxic drugs in the back of the desk drawer. They believed in...personal Hazmat disposal?

  • geeka says:

    The person who got my desk also inherited a coffee maker. Possibly meaning what?

  • Khalil A says:

    My desk came with stationary! When I left the desk, I didn't take any of it. So it's like a mini-desk tradition going on there.

  • anon says:

    My desk came with millions and millions of razor blades. I couldn't figure out what the previous PI was doing.....

  • Dr 27 says:

    Ewwww, gross booger, ewww, ewww, ewww. Yuck.

    My grad school desk came with with .... nothing, it was new. PhD PI was just moving in, so no one, except the PI had used the desk (PhD PI set up accounts on lab computers, including my own, in case people needed to work on other stations). I did inherit a little plastic lizard from one of my best friends, some lab supplies and papers when she left. I left the supplies for other people and donated the papers to the lab repository.

    Postdoc desk had been used by two, at least 3 others before me, but it was in good shape. Came empty, though I inhereted some poster from Roche or whatever, which I promptly threw away because I didn't use any of their stuff, and the poster was fugly. After I left the desk went back to one of the persons who'd used it before, but now this person was coming back as a postdoc.

    Work desk came with some tape, a really sharp razor blade (ouch), tons of keys for stuff around the lab, and 50 cents ... which were used in one of my last laundry loads.

    Thankfully, no boogers .... yuck.

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