Shame on you...

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Is this really defending yourself? What threat do college kids sitting on the ground pose to scores of police officers in riot gear with batons and pepper spray. Whoever is running the police effort should hopefully form the idea that images of jackbooted storm troopers spraying down peaceful protesters with OC spray does little to elevate their reputation. Maybe instead of sending in the heavies, why don't you have regular uniformed police officers, you know the ones without riot shields, plastic flexcuffs, and ballistic helmets, and let them interact with the protesters. This definitely might go a long ways to lowering the tension of the situation and might make for more productive interactions with the protesters.

I know some might argue that the police need the extra level of equipment for security, but for as large as the Occupy protests are, proportionally very few law enforcement officials have been injured. And as far as the UC Davis Chancellor Linda Katehi's lackadaisical response, well did you not think they would call for your head when you didn't suspend the officers involved in the incident? Your pledge to set up a fact finding commission is just mere lip service to placate the people.

Physical altercations and violence against those who peacefully protest did not quell the demonstrations of the civil rights activists in the 1960s and they will not end the Occupy protests of today. Institutional thuggery may seem like a viable option to bureaucrats to break the will of the people, but discipline and restraint go much further to bridging gaps in hearts and minds.

Use your head, not the damn pepper spray...

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  • Agreed. And I can't believe there isn't more outcry about this. What happened to right to assembly?

  • chall says:

    I am starting to think that maybe I wasn't too paranoid/conspiracy thinking about thinking about 1984 and the response to all these protests.... This blog post is interesting (imho who might have thought pepper spray was a bit better than alternatives... although, I have tried tear gas - under confined tests and that really sucked)

    Whatever the thing though, I have to say that the videos I've watched from the UC Davies (never mind if they were from "subjective people aka students") seem to show a police force feeling scared and needing violence to control the siutation whereas much of it might have been solved (?) with as you say "negotiators" and not "face shields/force/pepper spray/plastic hand cuffs".

    I guess I'm too much of a child of my parents from the 60-70ies student protests... and the notion that protests probably start with blue collar workers scared of their lives (lat 1800s) or middle-class students with nothing (or little) too loose (or ideals from the intellectual books and knowledge about "I might not agree with what you're saying but I'll defend your right to voice it!").

    Guess I'm an outdated idealist and believer in the uncomfortable thing about democracy?

    • I think you and I run counter to the "like it or leave it" culture that is becoming more prevalent in certain groups of society today. I really like the pepper spray article which shed a lot of light on OC spray and really how bad it can be for you.

      I have a buddy who is a cop that received training in pepper spray and taser usage and thus had to be exposed to both. After his experiences with both he said he would never use the spray or the taser. He even refused to carry the taser, and his can of pepper spray has never had the seal broken on it. His take on the matter is that if I can't talk you down or subdue you on my own or with help, shame on me. Many of his coworkers have now shifted to a taser or spray first mentality and ask questions later, and that is what he is afraid of becoming like if he becomes reliant on these "modern non-lethal" forces.

  • Dan says:

    I think times and places like right now are good for better information exchanges. what I mean is that I would like to know WHAT IS IT? what is going on... like I kinda figure that there has been more suppression of protest and such and reasons to protest have been on less charted paths than ever before in respect to there ratio of technology, population diversity and other things.
    I feel its high time that someone makes sense at the ease that I found this web site. people must watch a great deal more television and eat up the media more even yet than I give them credit for. I been so far beyond anger for way to long to end up in front of the pepper spray gun. and what happens is you have theory about everything, and than you run these kind of non-invasive test to get some sort of scale of whats up... what science is actually at hand of control (primary) other than just media alone. or fear... or any on there own force. like the fact that I've been the only one to ask this stuff or imply a question is to be asked in my immediate social (lack). that is a force I think completely estimated incorrectly., disguise the absence of socializing so good that it will entirely cease to be. I cannot change anything about the retards in submission (on ether side of the pepper spray gun) I definitely have no respect for the dos submission of becoming unified and carrying out orders I don't believe in

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