Scibloggers Fantasy Football: Week 11

Nov 24 2011 Published by under Uncategorized

Its a bit late but then again I don't see anyone else doing it so keep quiet and lets get this over with.  Oh and don't forget to make your picks before today's games start.

1.  Odyssey

2.  Hermie (sorry, he beat you on tie breakers)

3.  GertyZ

4.  Me

5.  Chall 2.0 (the 2.0 designates the new and improved Chall who is on a roll with some sweet picks)

6.  Dr. O

7.  Jade Bio (I think this might be your worst finish ever this season)

8.  PLS

9.  Alyssa

10.  SugarScientist

11.  Namnezia

Nam's Hams suffered a little fail, hopefully the bad fortune doesn't extend to Turkey Day

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  • chall says:

    yey me 2.0 🙂 I just hope it's a lasting treand... alas, I think it's too much of a lead to gain for me this late in the season.... but who knows?

    BTW, you know, if you want to leave the crazy updates to someone who seems to be the only one obsessed with this (looking at the comment sections of the updates at least) I'd be happy to help you out .... (i'm only in it for the traffic - ask Cath about the hockey pool and the traffic it generates... who would've thought people want to read other peoples' banter and snickering 😉 )

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