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Wanna Bet I'm Getting More Than A Patdown?

Dec 24 2011 Published by under Uncategorized

As a person of the peanut butter color, who is prone to wearing facial hair, and who wasn't recently able to start checking in for flights online until 2007 or so, I know my junk is gonna get a rubdown by the TSA and maybe a little extra.  Now I don't look at this in a negative light, unlike all you pale bastards, I get a free rubdown, some interesting conversation, and the chance to ask (if I ever get the balls to) "will you make banana cry?" every time I fly.

Nothing to do but take it for what it is.


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Happy Festivus

Dec 23 2011 Published by under Uncategorized

a holiday for the rest of us.

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Vendor Information

Dec 20 2011 Published by under Vendor

So one of our more senior and lovelorn technicians just swapped phone numbers with a vendor and I think they may be having a first date.  To sit there and watch two baby boomers sort of go through the first date proposition jitters was hilarious, I don't think it could have been more awkward.  Seriously you two, when you get to the end zone, act like you've been there before.  Luckily the vendor was the more aggressive of the two and handed her number over to our timid technician.

Now we have to cajole the wuss into calling her.


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History of your field?

Dec 19 2011 Published by under LinkLove

Does each individual subfield have a sort of curator for the history of said research dominion?  And I mean in context to what was known at the time, how things were discovered and what was so novel about it?  The subtext and nuances of this is usually left out of the articles that have been largely sterilized of anything that is not data and conclusions.  In the DNA repair field we are lucky to have a few great historians, namely Errol Friedberg, who has a fascinating book out Correcting the Blueprint of Life:  An Historical Account of the Discovery of DNA Repair Mechanisms.

This book is a wealth of knowledge and takes you back to the days of Luria and Delbruck and beyond, including personal letters to colleagues and interviews with the living.  Further enriching the history of our field is that our field specific journal, DNA Repair* has taken to publishing brief autobiographical perspectives each month.  These are fantastic personal accounts of the days of science yonder from well respected scientists, they paint a rich picture of what the pulse of research was back then, challenges to overcome and new technologies that were opening up to them.

Much thanks to Errol and anyone else that works so hard to preserve the rich and engrossing history of their fields.

*Errol is also the Editor in Chief of DNA Repair and I can only assume he had a hand in setting up these perspectives.

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Exit Strategies and Learning From Our Past

Dec 18 2011 Published by under Evil

Just as we have fully* withdrawn our military from Iraq, lets think back to this day in 1972 when we began to bomb the shit out of North Vietnam during the Vietnam War.  What did we gain from war then and what have we gained from war now?  I'm not going to answer it but I am thankful for those being moved out of harms way and wish for the safety of those still in harms way.  Most of the human capital that fueled both of these wars and the on-going one in Afghanistan are and were not the sons and daughters of the favored or fortunate.  Life is too precious a resource to waste on arrogance and the machinations of chickenhawks.

"Men grow tired of sleep, love, singing, and dancing sooner than war."   ~Homer

Its sad but true.


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RIP Christopher Hitchens

Dec 16 2011 Published by under Uncategorized

Whether folks agreed with your views or not, you always gave one hell of a debate. You will be missed man.
Link to CNN story.

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Databases Gone Wild... I'm taking the day off

Dec 16 2011 Published by under Database

Leave me some suggestions of stuff to cover next week and I'll look it up...
Until then, enjoy some 311. See you Monday.

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Rape Survey?

Dec 15 2011 Published by under Evil

This has to be one of the most dumbass ideas conceived by college kids.  Apparently the Sigma Phi Epsilon fraternity at the University of Vermont is purported to have been circulating an online survey on who the boys would "rape."  The UV administration is taking the stance that this is free speech but a major gaffe in how a social organization should conduct oneself.  Luckily the national chapter of SPE has stepped in and suspended the fraternity while they investigate what the hell is going on.

Read more about it here.

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Databases Gone Wild...NCBI Newsletter

Dec 15 2011 Published by under Database

I am a subscriber to the NCBI newsletter that comes out monthly to see what is shaking over in NIH land to get a better idea as what new databases are coming online, which ones are being mothballed, and what these databases are being used for.  Take at look at the latest news here and if you like it below are the instructions for subscribing to the NCBI newsletter so that you don't have to go find it, they'll just email you when the new one comes out.


Send email to with Subscribe in the subject line.

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Databases Gone Wild...MitoCheck

Dec 14 2011 Published by under Database

MitoCheck is a database built off of RNA interference (RNAi) screens to identify all proteins that are required for mitosis in human cells.   It includes:
-affinity purification and mass spectrometry to identify protein complexes and mitosis-specific phosphorylation sites on these
-small molecule inhibitors to determine which protein kinase is required for the phosphorylation of which substrate.

MitoCheck is also establishing clinical assays to validate mitotic proteins as prognostic biomarkers for cancer therapy.

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