Scibloggers fantasy football: week 8

Dec 01 2011 Published by under Uncategorized

Shit, this never published and I must give the man his due.  Sorry PLS, I blame it on WordPress.


Gotta make this quick, I have a seminar to go to.

#1.  PLS

#2.  Alyssa (way to go, PLS barely edged you on the tie breakers)

#3.  Biochem Belle

#4.  Jaded by Biotech

#5.  Odyssey

#6.  Chall

#7.  Hermitage

#8.  GertyZ

#9.  SugarScientist

#10.  Dr. O

#11.  Me

#12.  Tideliar

Seeing as Tideliar didn't even make half his picks and I narrowly edged him on the tie breakers for last spot, I'm this week's loser for sure then.

Lets face it, I deserve to lose this week.

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