Hey Joe!

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I'm in the lab today and am giving you a little musical homework assignment.

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  • Len Bonacci says:

    Er, Sir? I didn't get a worksheet...

    • Len, I believe this is the creative writing portion of class, so let your creative juices flow.

      • working wife says:

        Hey GR,

        Not on a Sunday. He is supposed to go to Mass and use the day saintly. He's allowed to write the Sermon though...

        • anon says:

          I assume that going to High Mass on Sunday requires a “purification process”, like a long relaxing bath “in-two” so that Dr XXXX can be forgiven for his late arrivals to the marital chamber every day of the week including Saturday, all stressed-out, grant-mind occupied and wanting to do nothing but snore…..

        • Len says:

          Actually, my Sunday devotional activities involve watching Carl Sagan videos.

  • jonnie says:

    Those videos are great and very educational. Actually, I watch them virtually every day after work. Rather, after dinner as a way of intellectual relaxing and get to sleep cozily.

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