What I'm Reading Now... Steve Jobs

Dec 06 2011 Published by under Uncategorized

Actually I read this book a while back but never had a chance to post on.  This book was a tome of history not just for Steve Jobs and Apple, but for highs and lows of human nature.  There are some interesting things to take away from this book.  Some will see Jobs desire to create exceptional products and to never compromise on the quality of the product or his dreams.  You witness the good nature of the Woz, the technologic genius that drove Apple's early days, and begin to wonder how he never slugged Jobs for cheating him out of money.  Others will take away an ends justify the means approach where you can treat those below you like crap and push them around as long as you are successful.  Jobs was really part technological saint and part sociopath.  A brilliant marketer who thought if he believed hard enough then the rest of the worlds would accept his perceptions as reality.  Ultimately in the end this may have hastened his death and tainted the legacy of being a "genius."

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