If you were thinking about getting me anything for Christmas...

Dec 12 2011 Published by under Uncategorized

I wouldn't mind the following:

-X-men:  God loves, Man Kills graphic novel.
My mom tossed out my comic book collection when I went to college and besides this book does a good job of drawing parallels to some of the crazy religious whackaloony today.

-iTunes Gift Cards
The more the merrier, how else am I going to finish my Cowboy Mouth compilation?

-Chef's Tables Stand for iPad
Would be very helpful as Genomic RepairWife and I use it to look up recipes in the kitchen.

-Garde Manger Cookbook.
I have a huge mancrush on Chuck Hughes and his cooking show, Chuck's Day Off. My wife is cool with it.

-Johnnie Walker Blue Label
If you get me nothing else, get me this. Feel bad for the poor bastard in the video below, what a waste of great alcohol.

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