Exit Strategies and Learning From Our Past

Dec 18 2011 Published by under Evil

Just as we have fully* withdrawn our military from Iraq, lets think back to this day in 1972 when we began to bomb the shit out of North Vietnam during the Vietnam War.  What did we gain from war then and what have we gained from war now?  I'm not going to answer it but I am thankful for those being moved out of harms way and wish for the safety of those still in harms way.  Most of the human capital that fueled both of these wars and the on-going one in Afghanistan are and were not the sons and daughters of the favored or fortunate.  Life is too precious a resource to waste on arrogance and the machinations of chickenhawks.

"Men grow tired of sleep, love, singing, and dancing sooner than war."   ~Homer

Its sad but true.


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