Wanna Bet I'm Getting More Than A Patdown?

Dec 24 2011 Published by under Uncategorized

As a person of the peanut butter color, who is prone to wearing facial hair, and who wasn't recently able to start checking in for flights online until 2007 or so, I know my junk is gonna get a rubdown by the TSA and maybe a little extra.  Now I don't look at this in a negative light, unlike all you pale bastards, I get a free rubdown, some interesting conversation, and the chance to ask (if I ever get the balls to) "will you make banana cry?" every time I fly.

Nothing to do but take it for what it is.


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  • Holly says:

    Even though I am a "pale bastard" I can't tell you how many times I get groped after I walk through one of the scanners. Every time I go through they end up cupping my boobs saying it could be suspicious... As if underwires were that mysterious...

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