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For Safety's Sake...

Jan 31 2012 Published by under Grad School, Lab, Safety

I'm sort of in a bit of a pickle here dear readers. I work with someone who while nice and a pleasant well-meaning coworker, they also have a less than stellar track record with respect to safety. They have committed no serious sins of safety but have numerous minor infractions and seemed to have to told repeatedly that they are not doing something the right way. Minor radiation contaminations throughout the lab, working with volatile chemicals outside the hood, and spinning unbalanced rotors (at not too high of speeds but high enough to make me really concern) seem to be the majority of their infractions.

I keep the lab manager apprised of what is happening and try to correct the person myself when ever I see them committing or about to commit an infraction. While no safety violation was a fireable offense, the culmination of these little offenses is starting to lead to a characterization of the person as sloppy and unsafe. I'm extremely concerned and pissed off with this individual after their latest gaffe that ended up affecting me (not seriously though luckily).

I'm sort of at my whit's end and don't really know what to do next. My PI is aware of most of the safety issues but I think they will always tend to push it underneath the rug.

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Shopping with my middle eastern father...

Jan 30 2012 Published by under Uncategorized

I was talking to a coworker today about the dreaded topic of shopping. She was elaborating to me that she had to take her son shopping for clothes for some event he had and the pushback he was giving on trying on stuff. I remember hating to go shopping with my mom as a kid and having to try on all these damn clothes just because and it took forever and a day.

Now shopping with my dad was awesome. I hold something up and he'd ask, "You like?" And I would give the old man a nod of approval and he would reply, "Good get it and get one in large for me." That would conclude our shopping trip in under 10 minutes including the checkout process and at some point in the future when we went shopping again, you might have laid eyes on my dad and I strolling the mall wearing matching Fila track suits.

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I don't mean to be the citation police but...

Jan 30 2012 Published by under Publishing

After reading your thesis, you have been very stingy with the citations.  How are you going to throw out percentages and values without a citation likes it some type of common knowledge.  If this were a manuscript they would bounce it back to you in under an hour because they can't verify your claims because there are no references.  So a question I pose dear reader is do we hold a thesis to the same level of scrutiny as a manuscript with respect to proper citations?  Or should it be held higher or lower?

Oh and don't just cite reviewers, how about you give credit to the poor fuckers that actually did the work and not to someone who just writes up a "state of the field" review every few years.

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A little 20th Century music to get your day started...

Jan 30 2012 Published by under Music

Love the opening riff.


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Bill Burr Owns Philly...

Jan 29 2012 Published by under Evil, Uncategorized

If you haven't heard the legendary rant by comedian Bill Burr, you have to.  To set the stage for what happened, Burr is the third comedian in a row to be booed by a drunken audience, and Burr seizes the 12 minutes he is allotted on stage to just go off on the city and its residents.  Just classic. Videos are separated into parts one and two.


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Jan 27 2012 Published by under Food

I am insanely impressed and constantly jealous of my wife's culinary skills.  I mean forget Rachel Ray, she will go into the kitchen and whip up fresh gnocchi or make ravioli from scratch.  And don't even get me started on her dessert making skills.  As for me, my culinary skills suck.  I can maybe make you some Kraft mac and cheese, if you are lucky.  The raviolis that I make more resemble horrifying tumors than anything even edible.  So its fun working in the kitchen with my wife to make pizza from scratch or pot stickers, mine may be edible, but hers is way prettier.

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AAP response to research works act.

Jan 17 2012 Published by under Evil, Publishing

The Association of American Publishers has put in its official two cents on the Research Works Act*.  Excuses are pretty lame in my opinion.

*You may not be able to access this link because Wikipedia will be going black in order to protest SOPA and PIPA**.
**Oh and of course you may not be able to access these either.

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Looking deep within and ignoring the noise

Jan 17 2012 Published by under Grad School

(Hang on, someone is walking by me...You better not stop...That's right buddy keep on walking, don't even think about making small talk now...)

Taking time out to sit and just think has been so hard for me lately due to a busy workload.  I often like to take time just to find a quiet place to sit and reflect on the good, the bad, everything in between.  But constantly being bombarded by noise (lots of sound pollution from the lab), people, and a multitude of issues as work has cut down on my quiet time where I can reflect on my project.  Personally, I find it valuable to find a few moments to be introspective about my project and think about where it all came from, where it went sideways, and how its getting back on track.  Remembering the full spectrum of emotions that I have felt for my project (fear, loathing, outright resentment, and pure elation) gives me an appreciation for what I do and those that support me in my efforts.

I am actively trying to decommit from anything that does not advance my project or is not an immediate payoff to professional development.  I've paid my dues and done enough favors, now is the time to focus in on the finish line and let nothing else cloud my field of view.  What gets me to the finish line is what's important.  Everything else?  It's just noise.

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What I'm reading... Stephen King

Jan 11 2012 Published by under Uncategorized

Holy crap, get this book.  I'm not a Stephen King fan but I loved this book, even if it was a hell of a read (over 1000 pages on the iPad).  Imagine going back in time to the late 50's, what is one pivotal historical event that you could prevent?  The assassination of JFK, and this is what our protagonist Jake Epping or as he is known as George Amberson attempts.  King creates a vivid story and takes you back into the days of racial tension, the height of the cold war, and the golden age of Americana.  I don't care if you have never read King or hate him, get this book its well worth it.

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What I'm reading...Tom Clancy

Jan 10 2012 Published by under Uncategorized

I became an avid reader of Tom Clancy's stuff back in the early days of high school and have followed him ever since.  This book is the latest resurgence in the Jack Ryan universe and his first book in this character realm with someone else helping him to write (Clancy is getting up there in years and he does need to make a bit of cash after his divorce).  I won't go to much into detail but the book focuses more on Jack Junior and less on the old man (I guess as a way to continue on the series).  If you ever got into Clancy its a must read.

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