Labor Pains

Jan 03 2012 Published by under Grad School, Lab

You ever heard the old and slightly offensive saying, "Don't tell me about the labor pains, just show me the baby."  Well I currently trying to push through some very labor intensive experiments that will hopefully pay huge dividends for my project.  This could be a colossal bust though and the boss wants to see the baby (aka the data) ASAP.  I sometimes wonder if PI's lose touch with how long it takes to get some experiments done, nor am I faulting them for this.  I just find it interesting sometime how far they can be off the estimated time frame.

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  • Dr 27 says:

    Oh yeah, a lot of them seem to drink from the same time-warp Kool-aid or something. It's like, dude, good things take their sweet time, and if you want kick ass results, you need to give me time to kick some science ass. Wishing you the best during this stage!

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