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So I'm a Mac user as are many of the folks that I work with and as scientists, lets face it, we use the hell out of excel.  Well I finally upgraded my personal Mac to Office 2011 and I have to say its pretty sweet and huge upgrade over the 2008 version for Macs.  It more resembles the previous and newest version on the PC thanks to them adding Visual Basic which Microsoft fucking skimped on the 2008 Office version.  When we were forced to upgrade from 04 to 08 many of us hid from the techies and fought them with tire irons and trash can lids as shields as long as we could to hold off the mandatory upgrade.  And similar to the 300 Spartans at Thermopylae, we eventually were overwhelmed by opposing forces before assimilating into the Borg.

So far I'm liking the upgrade.

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