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Holy crap, get this book.  I'm not a Stephen King fan but I loved this book, even if it was a hell of a read (over 1000 pages on the iPad).  Imagine going back in time to the late 50's, what is one pivotal historical event that you could prevent?  The assassination of JFK, and this is what our protagonist Jake Epping or as he is known as George Amberson attempts.  King creates a vivid story and takes you back into the days of racial tension, the height of the cold war, and the golden age of Americana.  I don't care if you have never read King or hate him, get this book its well worth it.

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  • Dr. Zeek says:

    I am a Stephen King junkie (I know..I know *hangs head in shame*) and devoured this book.

    While not a "normal" ghost/zombie cat/haunted hotel/vampires taking over the city/killer clown Stephen King book-the characters and story kept me wanting more when it was over. If you are an avid SK reader, you'll find the references to "IT" pretty neat (or maybe it is just me-but I love it when there are cross-references to other books- it gives me an "Hey, I get that" feeling). After reading this book, it made me pick up "Lisey's Story" again (similar in that there are no vampire hordes coming to suck the blood of the protagonist).

    Anyways, I completely agree. Love King or hate King, it is a great read.

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