Looking deep within and ignoring the noise

Jan 17 2012 Published by under Grad School

(Hang on, someone is walking by me...You better not stop...That's right buddy keep on walking, don't even think about making small talk now...)

Taking time out to sit and just think has been so hard for me lately due to a busy workload.  I often like to take time just to find a quiet place to sit and reflect on the good, the bad, everything in between.  But constantly being bombarded by noise (lots of sound pollution from the lab), people, and a multitude of issues as work has cut down on my quiet time where I can reflect on my project.  Personally, I find it valuable to find a few moments to be introspective about my project and think about where it all came from, where it went sideways, and how its getting back on track.  Remembering the full spectrum of emotions that I have felt for my project (fear, loathing, outright resentment, and pure elation) gives me an appreciation for what I do and those that support me in my efforts.

I am actively trying to decommit from anything that does not advance my project or is not an immediate payoff to professional development.  I've paid my dues and done enough favors, now is the time to focus in on the finish line and let nothing else cloud my field of view.  What gets me to the finish line is what's important.  Everything else?  It's just noise.

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