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I am insanely impressed and constantly jealous of my wife's culinary skills.  I mean forget Rachel Ray, she will go into the kitchen and whip up fresh gnocchi or make ravioli from scratch.  And don't even get me started on her dessert making skills.  As for me, my culinary skills suck.  I can maybe make you some Kraft mac and cheese, if you are lucky.  The raviolis that I make more resemble horrifying tumors than anything even edible.  So its fun working in the kitchen with my wife to make pizza from scratch or pot stickers, mine may be edible, but hers is way prettier.

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  • anonima says:

    We have to meet because my husband is the best cook ever. He cooks all the time and let me learn when I feel like. We need to celebrate our spouses talents and get half-drunk....hahahahaha

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