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Musing on Movies... Moneyball

Feb 08 2012 Published by under Movies

So I was probably one of the first people to read the book Moneyball by Michael Lewis years ago as any good baseball geek should have, however as playing the role of the diligent hermit, I was one of the last to watch the movie.  It was so so but I really enjoyed it.  Has anyone noticed that Brad Pitt is really beginning to look like Robert Redford?  I mean I know they did the movie Spy Game (awesome) together but it looks like Pitt's face is morphing into that of Redford.

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Science Job Candidates Say The Darndest Things

Feb 07 2012 Published by under Lab, Uncategorized

Overheard during job interviews in my lab:

-Lab Member: "Do you have experience in (particular technique)?"  Candidate: "No but I enjoy doing (hobby that has nothing to do with business).

-Lab Member: "So what skills from your current position do you think you can bring to our lab and contribute?"  Candidate: "Absolutely none!"  This may be true if your lab does completely different stuff, but at least come up with something.  Damn.

-PI gave job candidate some reprints of important papers from the lab, when asked by a lab member if they would read them, they responded, "If I get job?  Maybe."  Whaaaaaat?  Even if you aren't going to read them, lie to our face and say you will you dummy.

-Candidate: "So you guys don't work that hard right?  I don't really like to work that much."  Fuck me.


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International Laboratory Animal Technician Week!!!

Feb 01 2012 Published by under Lab

That's right folks its time to celebrate the folks that take care of the c. elegans, drosphilia, gallus gallus, Medaka, mus musculas, and everything inbetween.  So if you see any of the animal staff today, give em some knuckles and tell them good job.

By the way who sets these damn appreciation weeks?  I've got some ideas for new stuff to recognize.

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