Tired of hunting for lab supplies, let ChemSource do it for you...

Mar 02 2012 Published by under Lab

Sean Seaver, one of the nice folks at P212121, emailed me to show me a new service that the life science company is working on.  P212121 focuses on trying to supply labs with chemicals and supplies by having some of the best prices around.  I'm not one of the labs that uses them but they seem to have some decent prices on some commonly used lab supplies.

But where they shine is that they will actually do the work for them, they are rolling out a mobile app called ChemSource that lets you snap a photo of a lab item and send them a description and they will find it for you at the best price.  No longer shall you waste your or your lab managers time trolling through online or worse hardback catalogs to find some obscure item.   Let Sean and his folks do it for you.

I'm a fan of supporting the little guys and will always go with them over the big box suppliers whenever I can, especially when they are willing to do some legwork for me.

Below are the QR codes for the apps if you want to download them.

ITunes App Store

Android App Store

Note: I'm not getting paid to write this, I just like to plug cool and innovative companies and their products from time to time.

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