Somebody get me some unguentine because I'm on fire...

Mar 08 2012 Published by under Evil

I'm losing my freaking mind at some administrator for passing on erroneous information that may end up costing someone's job.  Normally I am moderately cordial with the administration and their ilk, but today the damn HR department is drawing my ire.  Giving someone inaccurate information that could end up costing them their job should in my mind, cost you yours.  Especially when they tried to verify this information multiple times.  This crap is burning me up.

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  • Anon says:


    If "Especially when they tried to verify this information multiple times" somebody has given the wrong information, it is time to stand up and make sure the mistake is corrected.
    These are no times to play around with people's jobs. And if somebody is recidivist in making that happen, that somebody should taste for a while what having no job means in people's lives. That individual needs to learn a lesson in responsibility.

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