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Mo Bluegrass: You are my sunshine...

Apr 27 2012 Published by under Music

This is version was performed by Norman Blake for the movie "O Brother, Where Art Thou?". Also this song is one of the official state songs for the great state of Louisiana.

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Its a little disconcerting...

Apr 27 2012 Published by under Uncategorized

when one part of your body is swelled up 2-3X the size of its counterpart.  Thank goodness for ice and ibuprofen.  And its either true grit or idiocy that keeps me working through the pain in the lab today.  Damn, its probably the latter.

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On this day...DNA structure

Apr 25 2012 Published by under Data, Publishing

Today marks the 59 anniversary of the seminal paper from Watson and Crick describing the structure of DNA.  It is definitely worth re-reading.  I can't believe how short it is and how long Nature papers have become.


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Mo Bluegrass: Freebird edition...

Apr 25 2012 Published by under Music

As the resident southerner of Scientopia I have to make sure to keep you guys posted on all things hickish.  Thus enjoy this bluegrass rendition of a favorite song of mine from some greasy long haired boys from down in Florida.

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Reference available if you can find them...

Apr 24 2012 Published by under Mentoring

So I have the unique situation of having a former mentor that is to put it best MIA.  He was the mentor for my MS and is no longer in the scientific research game not because of retirement or death, but because he got squeezed out of the game.  And to make it worse, the dude fell off the grid, I mean his phone number has been changed, no longer answers emails, etc.  Also no one in my former department even knows where he is, for all I know he could be living in a van down by the river.  He was a good boss, but this is kind of a pain in the ass now when I need to include him as a reference in my CV, but he has no current academic affiliation or contact information.

Any suggestions?  I'm installing LoJack on my Ph.D. advisor to make sure this doesn't happen again.

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In rememberance of Levon Helm

Apr 20 2012 Published by under Music

Best song ever...  You'll be missed buddy.

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Herding cats...Committee Meetings

Apr 17 2012 Published by under Meetings

Its almost time for me to have another committee meeting again, and I usually dread this time.  Not for the meeting but trying to nail down a 1-2 hour window in which four or five busy PI's can sit down to meet with me.  This may encompass everyone at one site, people at multiple sites by videoconference, or heaven forbid the teleconference.  Teleconferences for me are the worst, it feels like I'm getting scolded by Charlie from Charlie's Angels on the phone.  I honestly feel for the admin assistants that are constantly trying to get PI's scheduled for meetings, I have two meetings a year and its like pulling teeth to get everyone's schedules to gel.  Plus I catch flack from my institution if I don't have my meetings within a precise time frame, getting their nasty emails if my committee meeting is a day late.

It really is like herding cats...

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Its takes all kinds of people to make a world or a corner store parking lot variety show...

Apr 13 2012 Published by under Uncategorized

I'm a graduate student so that means I live in a shitty area, actually its not that shitty, it just borders on a shitty area.  Its synonymous to living in Long Beach and staring across the street to your neighbors that reside in Compton.  And those of us who habit these borderlands of pending gentrification usually have a corner store where you can stop and purchase anything you need:  gas, condoms, bath salts, you know the basics to have a good time.  But that's not half the fun, no my friends, the best thing about the neighborhood corner store are the people that hang around outside.

These are the cast of characters that loiter the corner store by my apartment:

-Bob from the Biggest Loser:  except Bob is bald, 30 pounds heavier, and looks like he just came off a savage three day coke binge
-Mexican Billy Ray Cyrus:  he's got the mullet and he's trying to serenade the ladies in the parking lot, he's awesome
-Lil Albino Tupac:  white kid that typically does not wear a shirt but sports the bandana knotted on the forehead, almost gets hit by cars while trying to "spit game at bitches" and doesn't understand why the ladies won't "let a playa get some conversation."  He is a dead ringer for Jamie Kennedy's character in Malibu's Most Wanted.
- Tunisian Jackie Chan:  practices Tae Kwon Do moves in the parking lot while emptying the trash cans and sweeping the parking lot.  TJC is usually getting yelled at by his boss who speaks some hybrid language that consists of Armenian, Spanish, Pidgin English, and a conglomeration of virtually every language and dialect's profanities.

So when I step out my car and run in to grab a drink, I'm greeted by the pleasant lyrical stylings of Mexican Billy Ray Cyrus, walk past Bob from the Biggest Loser who looks like he is passed out in his car, wait behind Lil Albino Tupac ranting and bitching, and almost get knocked out by Tunisian Jackie Chan as he works on his spinning back kick while smoking a cigarette and holding a broom.  Its dangerous but I wouldn't change it for anything in the world.

Except a nicer place to live.

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Abstractly Referential

Apr 12 2012 Published by under Abstracts, Meetings

How many of you put references in your meeting abstracts?  Most program booklets I see make me think its pretty rare, so what say you dear readership?  Do you always put references in the abstract?  Sometimes when necessary? Or never?

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Scientopia takes over Ohio!!!

Apr 11 2012 Published by under Meetings

I'll be in Cincinnati, OH for the 14th Annual Midwest DNA Repair Symposium May 18th-20th.  If you want to grub up or hang out, let me know.

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