Herding cats...Committee Meetings

Apr 17 2012 Published by under Meetings

Its almost time for me to have another committee meeting again, and I usually dread this time.  Not for the meeting but trying to nail down a 1-2 hour window in which four or five busy PI's can sit down to meet with me.  This may encompass everyone at one site, people at multiple sites by videoconference, or heaven forbid the teleconference.  Teleconferences for me are the worst, it feels like I'm getting scolded by Charlie from Charlie's Angels on the phone.  I honestly feel for the admin assistants that are constantly trying to get PI's scheduled for meetings, I have two meetings a year and its like pulling teeth to get everyone's schedules to gel.  Plus I catch flack from my institution if I don't have my meetings within a precise time frame, getting their nasty emails if my committee meeting is a day late.

It really is like herding cats...

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  • katiesci says:

    Do you use doodle.com to schedule them? It's brilliant.

  • postdoc mom says:

    I only had to get my full committee together 3 times total during my PhD, it was a pain getting the schedules to mesh, but I also used doodle polls to simplify things. I can see the use of more regular meetings but 2x a year seems excessive.

  • UnlikelyGrad says:

    I feel your pain. It took me 7 or 8 tries to schedule my first committee meeting (despite using Doodle every time), though thankfully only two to schedule my oral exams. I am actually a semester or so behind on required "happenings" as a result--but luckily MyU is lax about such things.

    I can't imagine needing 2 meetings/year. My committee has to meet four times total--initial meeting, oral exams, thesis proposal defense, thesis defense--unless I fail something and have to re-do, of course.

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