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A post in which I offer up praise to DrugMonkey and CPP

May 30 2012 Published by under Blogging, Grantsmanship, Lab, NIH

My boss and I were discussing his latest grant proposal and which mechanism would be more suitable.  We start discussing more exploratory mechanisms and he begins to explain the difference from the typical research grants (R01s) that we apply for.  I explain that I know what the R21 mechanism is and how it differs from the R01.  The boss looks befuddled and asks how do I know this.

I'm at a crossroads here dear reader, I can tell the man that I have religiously read Gospel of DM & CPP for the past couple of years or come up with something on the fly.  My answer, "Oh, they told us about it in a grant writing seminar."

I kneel before thee sir dudes for I am not worthy.

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Doggie DNA

May 28 2012 Published by under Uncategorized

With all this talk of Pit Bulls and breed confusion, I have seized upon the opportunity to commission a breed analysis for Genomic RepairDog since he looks like every breed of small dog that we put him up next to.  I swabbed his cheek and sent off the cotton swab in the mail and am awaiting his results.  Plus I love the fact they are using breed specific SNPs to give you the animal's breed makeup.

If you are interested on which service I am using to do this click here.

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Recommendations for Cincinnati

May 14 2012 Published by under Meetings

Let me know if you know of any cool places to grab a bite to eat or any local scenes to take in as I head out there for a conference this weekend.

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I hate baths...

May 11 2012 Published by under Evil

I have nothing scientific to write about so I'm going to rant on this today.  I love showers, I hate baths.  Except for small kids or handicapped, I really don't understand why any able bodied person wants to take one, just use the damn shower.  I don't care if bubble baths are relaxing, you are sitting in a cauldron of ass water and that is gross as hell.  Just take a shower.

So hopefully when Kang and Kodos when the election this fall and come to power in the spring, they will ban baths because its just nasty.

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Word Games

May 09 2012 Published by under Evil

Sequencher is to ease of use as an anal fissure is to comforting.

nothing else.

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Poll: Cutlery

May 03 2012 Published by under Food, Uncategorized

So my parents have knives that might be old enough to have been fashioned back in the Bronze Age and they are even duller than I am.  So for Father's Day, I've decided to get them a new Chef's knife or set to replace the crap that they currently have in their kitchen.  I've been rocking a GLOBAL Knife (chef and boning) for the past few years and love it, especially the fact that they seem to retain their sharpness for longer than any other knife I've ever had.  So I'd like to get my folks a nice chef's knife for use in the kitchen, which brand would you recommend.  But I'd also like to make it as low maintenance as possible, I don't see Genomic RepairMom and Dad sharpening a knife on a weekly or monthly basis.


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Worst job ever...Don't be Margaret Howe

May 02 2012 Published by under Uncategorized

"When you want to do research in an exotic location, you sign up to live in a house with a dolphin...when you live in a house with a dolphin you try to set up a system of communication with it...when you communicate with a dolphin you find out it wants to bone you..when the dolphin wants to bone you, you give it hand jobs and trip acid with it..."

Don't give dolphin hand jobs!  Get rid of dolphins and switch to a normal job.


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